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Product quality is our life. We offer not only products, but also our after sales service.The satisfaction of our customers that is the main task and mission of the company and in particular of the sales department. In order to stay close to the customer constantly, to be aware of his needs, the company has established a dealer network, represented in almost all corners of the world. 

we wil reply you within 12 hours once we get your nice inquiry.we accept sample order,small order and mixed order,to show you our hair quality.customer can return the hair back if our hair is not real 100% human hair.please make the items remain the original stage.we only accept not damaged items.



Abraham is the founder of the ray, its internal technical force is strong and lead the company to the top of the times.


Baldwin is mainly responsible for
the design of creative personality and fashion style,  public's preferences.


Hashemi is mainly responsible for
the customer site requirementsr design customer hair,customer needs.


Meshkini is mainly responsible for the customer to solve the problem, and the customer's after-sales service.


Quality Assurance

The hair is the latest Kose KANE temperature, the cost price is 2 times more than ordinary hair, completely close to the real hair gloss, realistic elastic, not reflective, shiny, color and really made the same.

Professional Traders

If the transaction has been successful, you have to buy the commodity problems, you need to return, maintenance and other operations, please you in the transaction of 0-15 days, to the "baby" to find the deal, the launch of the protection of rights, to ensure your rights.

Good Service

Much knowledges and experiences about website promotion,operation can be shared with you.To better reduce your operational risks and costs,We can build  partnerships with you,together to operate the website.


团队3 Customer satisfaction, network extension, a virtuous circle, the return of life.
团 Customer service, focusing on a return visit, listen carefully, you recognize the mood.
121212 Never speak, we are the best team, the success is not easy, but also redouble our efforts!
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